life and opinions

The habit of doubt; of distrusting his own judgment and of totally rejecting the judgment of the world; the tendency to regard every question as open; the hesitation to act except as a choice of evils; the shirking of responsibility; the love of line, form, quality; the horror of ennui; the passion for companionship and the antipathy to society…

Henry Adams
The Education of Henry Adams

My name is Don Gilliland. I have two daughters. The older, Clara, died in 2006 a few months after her 18th birthday. The younger, Charlotte, is 18. They’re each kind and smart and beautiful and good in their very different ways. I’ve begun to think of them as yin (Clara) and yang (Charlotte). I love them more fiercely can I can say.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama, but my heimat is Tennessee, where the gods reside.

These days I’m reading Roberto Bolaño’s By Night in Chile, among other things.


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